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See our documentation for full details.

Version 4.3.0

Version 4.3.0 overhauls the UI, improves quality of life for administrators, and adds functionality that helps us build a better tool. System notifications will allow you to report bugs to us faster, and analytics helps us see which parts of the platform we should spend more time on.

Important Changes

  • Celery container (krypted_celery) has been merged into the krypted container, with multiple entrypoints.
  • Google analytics and GDPR cookie consent have been added.
  • User interface (AdminLTE) has been updated from 2.4.5 to 3.0.4, resulting in a huge UI overhaul.
  • User notifications have been added.

Minimum Package Versions

Package Name Minimum Required Version
django-eveonline-connector django-eveonline-connector==1.2.0
django-eveonline-timerboard django-eveonline-timerboard==1.1.0
django-discord-connector django-discord-connector==1.2.0
django-eveonline-doctrine-manager django-eveonline-doctrine-manager==1.3.0
django-eveonline-group-states django-eveonline-group-states=1.2.0


Backup Database

Always back up your database before you mess around.

sudo docker-compose exec db sh -c 'exec mysqldump "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD" 2>/dev/null' | gzip > "`date +"%Y_%m_%d"`_krypted.sql.gz"


From 4.2.x, you'll need to change your celery image from krypted_celery to krypted for versions 4.3.0, latest, experimental, and beyond. This image will be fully deprecated in 2-3 months.

Furthermore, you must specify the entrypoint for each application in the stack now.

        image: kryptedgaming/krypted:4.3.0
        env_file: .env
        image: kryptedgaming/krypted:4.3.0
        env_file: .env

Google Analytics

CCP Games released their EVE Partner Program recently, which requires some form of analytics reporting in order to qualify. Qualifying would help us spend less time ratting, and more time developing cool features.

However, we get it if you want to disable it. Just add this line in your environment.


Must-try Features


Anytime something breaks, you'll get a System Warning or System Error now. We're planning to flesh this out a ton so that we can fix bugs much faster.

New "Settings" Page

Administrators now have access to Settings in the sidebar, which will allow you to manage your packages and settings all from one page. We're planning to expand this out further, which should allow package developers to create rich configuration menus.

Doctrine Filtering

We've added new filters to the Fittings and Doctrines tables, they're pretty neat.

Characters Page

The Characters page in the EVE Online Connector has been completely rebuilt, and it won't be ridiculously slow anymore!

Bug Fixes

We fixed pretty much every bug that was user reported in this release, meaning you'll want to check out minor packages like applications, etc.

However, with system notifications we've been finding tons of new issues and enhancement areas, so our backlog is filled right back up again. Please make sure you report anything that breaks in our Discord, or open a GitHub issue!