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These commands will assist you in administrating your Docker environment.

Basic Docker Usage

  • docker-compose ls Lists your containers.
  • docker-compose up Starts up your containers from a docker-compose.yml. Run with -d to detach from terminal.
  • docker-compose down Stops your containers from a docker-compose.yml
  • docker-compose build If you're using our Dockerfile, this will rebuild the image.
  • docker-compose pull If you're using our image, this will update your images to the latest.

Using Versions

To ensure that your application will work as you'd expect, we recommend always specifying versions for:

  1. Containers (e.g instead of kryptedgaming/krypted:latest use kryptedgaming/krypted:X.Y.Z)
  2. Extensions (e.g instead of django-eveonline-connector use django-eveonline-connector==X.Y.Z)

This will save you a ton of grief later!

Creating Superuser Accounts

Superuser accounts have all Django permissions, and are optimal for your admin accounts.

  • Run the command in the app container
docker-compose exec app python3 /opt/krypted/app/ createsuperuser
  • Fill out the information as required

Database Backups

Backups are important, you should do them frequently and every time before you updgrade.

Creating Backups

sudo docker-compose exec db sh -c 'exec mysqldump "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD" 2>/dev/null' | gzip > "`date +"%Y_%m_%d"`_krypted.sql.gz"

Restoring Backups

zcat *krypted.sql.gz | docker-compose exec -T db sh -c 'exec mysql "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD"'

Accessing Application

There will be times where you want a specific bit of information that we might not provide, or the ability to run your own Python code with your Krypted Platform database. The best way to do this is through the Django Shell.

sudo docker-compose exec app python3 /opt/krypted/app/ shell_plus

Accessing Database

Sometimes, you'll want to access the database directly.

sudo docker-compose exec db sh -c 'mysql -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD"'