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Upgrading to 4.2.x

Upgrading from 4.1.x to 4.2.x is fairly simple- there's not too many breaking changes.

Backup Database

Always back up your database before you mess around.

sudo docker-compose exec db sh -c 'exec mysqldump "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD" 2>/dev/null' | gzip > "`date +"%Y_%m_%d"`_krypted.sql.gz"

Update Docker Image

To update, just updated your Docker image to 4.2.0 or docker pull the latest image.

Package Updates

Packages (and the platform) were updated to support new features. Below are the new minimum package versions.

Package Name New Version
django_eveonline_connector ^1.1.2
django_eveonline_doctrine_manager ^1.2.4
django_eveonline_entity_extensions Deprecated

Recommended Packages from our Alliance installation:


These will obviously be upgraded over time, we recommend checking the latest versions.

Database Updates

In 4.2.x, we will be storing unicode data in the database. This means that you'll need to upgrade your MySQL tables (and database) to prevent errors.
cat 4.2.x_migrate.sql | sudo docker-compose exec -T db sh -c 'exec mysql "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASSWORD"'

Warning: This will delete all django_eveonline_entity_extensions data due to its deprecation.