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Krypted Platform is built as a barebone Django application, with tools and infrastructure to heavily extend it with advanced Django applications.

Your base installation won't have much- meaning you'll want to enable features from multiple sources.

Core Features

Application Name Description Additional Information
accounts Simple login system with accounts, user profiles, and login system. User Guide
applications Application system for members applying to your community. User Guide
group_requests Adds group requests for your community members. User Guide

To install core features, simply add the Application Name to INSTALLED_APPS.

Official Packages

Package Name Latest Version Link
django-eveonline-connector PyPI version GitHub
django-eveonline-timerboard PyPI version GitHub
django-discord-connector PyPI version GitHub
django-eveonline-doctrine-manager PyPI version GitHub
django-eveonline-group-states PyPI version GitHub

Installing official packages is as simple as using pip (or specifying them under PIP_INSTALLS), and including them in INSTALLED_APPS.

Community Packages

Package Name Latest Version Link
django-eveonline-buyback PyPI version GitHub
django-pathfinder-statcrunch PyPI version GitHub

Installing community packages is usually the same as installating official packages, but we recommend reading their instructions individually.

Adding Packages

If your package is not listed here, submit a pull request following the same format. Badges are generated here.